Guangdong Seed Expo 2019

GZSTA welcomes THASTA delegation to Guangdong Seed Trade 2019

In line with the commitment under the Twinning Agreement between Thailand Seed Trade Association and Guangzhou Seed Trade Association, member companies and international partners of THASTA flew to Guangdong in an organized trade-related visit that included their participation at the Guangdong Seed Expo 2019 held on 10-13 December 2019.

GZSTA welcomed delegates from some 30 Thailand seed companies, which also included delegation supported by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).

Dr. Chairerg Sagwansupyakorn, THASTA President, led the delegation in various activities during the three-day trade tour.  He thanked the President of GZSTA  Mr. Chen Chun Shan  for welcoming Thai seed companies and its partners from the region who have come to take advantage of the business opportunities during the tour. The participants were able to meet with seed producers, distributors and those involved in seed-related industries in China.  Over a thousand Chinese seed companies joined the Expo.   

This is the second time that THASTA organized an international seed trade exposure tour for its members, with the first one held in Gujarat India in November 2019, in partnership with Bombay Super Hybrid Seed Company.