In October 2001, representatives from different Thai seed companies involved in the production and distribution of seeds gathered together with the common objective of strengthening the seed industry of Thailand. After a year of holding consultation meetings and industry discussions, the Thai Seed Trade Association (Thasta) was established on September 30, 2002 and registered as an Association in Thailand under the Ministry of Commerce. Mr. Manas Chiaravanond, of Chia Tai Co. Ltd, was elected as its first President, together with 29 Executive Committee Members. Thasta held its Inauguration Day on November 8, 2002 at the Rama Gardens Hotel in Bangkok with representatives from the government, academic, and the private sectors.


1. To promote the working of state enterprise concerning “Seed”

2. To prepare for study and research on increasing product and distributing seed, and report on the results to members

3. To promote and develop for having good seed

4. To cooperate with the state authority and concerned institution in order to assess the results and introduce good seed to the members and farmers

5. To support the activity of improvement of seed conducted by members and to protect seed owner’s right.

6. To promote members to have treatment and improvement of key seed line

7. To be the coordinator in distributing breed line improved by state authority and concerned institution to the members.

8. To set the standard breed for comparing and ensure that there will be no duplicate standard breed.

9. To make an agreement or lay down regulations for the members to follow or to refrain from doing in order that the trade of seed can be in order.

10. To cooperate with international organization to support domestic seed trade.

11. Provide service on information concerning seed industry.

12. Other activities that are necessary to support and encourage so as to achieve objectives of the Association.